Getting started


Before installing BulletLines, make sure that .NET Framework 4.8 and NativeUI 1.9.1 or higher are installed.

  1. Download the compressed file from GitHub or 5mods
  2. Extracts the contents of the file onto your scripts folder


The Trajectory Prediction Line system works just like Gun Gale Online: As soon as you put pressure on the trigger with your finger the line is going to be seen. This also works with NPCs that are attacking you.

If you are using a controller with analog triggers, you only need to place your finger in one of the triggers and press slightly to see the bullet line activate. For mouse and digital triggers, you need to completely press the button to activate the bullet line.

There are some options that you can configure by entering bulletlines in the cheat input field. A NativeUI menu will open showing all of the options that you can change. Remember to press the Save button to store the configuration for next sessions.